Flo’s Heart Opening Moments - BLOG of a spiritual stripper  
Flo’s Heart Opening Moments, the Blog of a Spiritual Stripper is a journey of self-realization and self-actualization and embarks the territory of Actualization. To Realize is to recognize all the protections we clothed ourselves in that are untrue. Only by stripping away the layers of such untruth and shedding our protections one by one are we able to find true freedom - the freedom of being who we really are, naturally, fearlessly, and authentically. 
I write like I’m speaking to a friend, with sincerity and love. I hope my journey can bring a certain comfort to you on your journey - like a friend - I hope I can bring you a candle when you need a light.

Intimacy with Words

  Droplets of Truth - updates on Twitter  
Ground yourself in stillness - relax into your Being.
You are not separate from God. You are an expression of God.
Give yourself to Love, to Truth, to Liberation - in whatever form life seeks to express through you, let it be.
Enlightenment is not out there, it is already a seed within you.
Do not seek anything outside of your Self.
Be free! Only when you are free then you can set others free.
Thank you for your lies - it propelled me to seek Truth.
Thank you for the pain - it helped me to find my wounds so I can heal.
Please don't be nice because it's the "right" thing to do. I would rather you be authentic - let it be sadness, anger or joy.
Don't be discouraged by fear. Fear is a natural reaction when we are moving into the unknown.
Stay aware through bliss, stay aware through pain, stay aware through tender moments, stay aware through constrains.
Anger was my resistance against Love.
I don't regret anything I did out of joy.
When your heart is aching for love, know that Love already has his eyes on you.
How can I love you when you are not the real you? Be true. Love is waiting for the arrival of the real you.
The part that life plays through us is very fulfilling because it is literally everything we've been yearning.
What appears to be chaos in life has an underlying intelligence that cannot be understood by linear thinking. Yet this underlying intelligence is more sophisticated in nature and efficiency. 
Life after Realization - ordinary experiences become extraordinary.
"Spiritual Awakening" is not the end of the journey but a place where life truly begins.
People want "enlightenment" believing that it will make their lives better. It is only partially true.
Enlightenment is a painful process - like a surgery to take away your ego when you are fully awake and aware of all the pain. Then freedom flows in...
Enlightenment will destroy your ego and give life to your true nature. It is both a death and a rebirth. 
Enlightenment is not a place, but a new perspective fresh in each moment unpolluted by culture judgements or past conditionings.
If you want to be enlightened, be relentless about truth - never live a lie, tell a lie or respond to a lie. Your life will be transformed.
Happiness by Definition

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